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The Center for Culture and Arts of the Timis County

Gatherer of the cultural and artistic life from Timis County, The Center for Culture and Arts of the Timis County aims to respond to the needs of the folklore loving public by stimulating the cultural and artistic life of the Timis County. Its activity is reflected by events, study researches, conservation, preservation and valorization of the local traditions and customs and artistic training (music, plastic arts, modern and traditional dances and handcrafts). The Center for Culture and Arts of the Timis County also promotes young artists by offering artistic training and supporting further their evolution.

We are a cultural center from the Western part of Romania, from a city called Timisoara. Our central concern is to preserve, promote and valorize the cultural traditions and customs, folklore and traditional handcrafts arts.

Our center has a folklore group called “Banatul”. It promotes the Romanian traditional folklore music and dances, especially from Banat region, a multiethnic cultural space. For any additional information please take a look of our new website www.ccajt.ro

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The Popular School of Arts

Has a long history dating from 1962.

Is the first local institution for training and improvement of the amateurs art crafts, that was created with the purpose of gathering a part of the traditional school...

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The professional Ensemble "Banatul"

It was founded in September 1970.

It is under the administrative supervision of the Center for Culture and Arts of the Timis County since 2000 as an artistic compartment...

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The Preservation and Improvement of the Folkloric Tradition and Creation

this department has a long history since 1956 and focuses on the Timis County cultural identity showing an active cultural dialog on various cultural fields (crafts, language, paintings, sculpture, music, dances, traditional multiethnic customs, folkloric costumes)

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